Layher Scaffolding System

The unique Layher Scaffolding System puts SwiftScaff ahead on fast and unique problem solving solutions!

The Layher Scaffolding System is an international leader in modular scaffolding using a unique 8 point (Rosette) connection. It is the world’s leading ring system that allows scaffolding to curve around buildings and do much more! This sturdy lightweight design is made from hot-dip galvanised steel. The system uses simple, bolt-free connection technology that is quick to install and dismantle.

The Layher Scaffolding System has been the world leader in scaffold innovation since the company was founded in Germany in 1945. What began with the pioneering spirit and imagination of one visionary has since evolved into a future-oriented company with more than 1500 employees in over 40 countries. Layher’s international headquarters are located in Güglingen. Layher Worldwide has a network of subsidiaries and partner companies around the world.

The company continues to invest heavily in research and development, bringing new ideas to the market, with many of our innovations being the subject of patents or patent applications in Europe and other countries around the world. Protocols are in place for the protection of all intellectual property rights in Australia and New Zealand.

Improve safety and savings from the Layher Scaffolding System’s superior system technology. The 8 hole rosette, self-securing assembly, automatic right angles and minimum number of components – saves you erection time and money.

Lock-in decks, no trip hazards, Advance Guardrails, childproof guardrails for public access stairs, internal access decks and site, stretcher and evacuation stairs – we provide a wide range of Layher Scaffolding System products that meet specific safety requirements.

Layher Scaffolding System

The benefits of the Layher Scaffolding System are:
• Save time during assembly and dismantling thanks to bolt-free connection technology
• Safe and simple one-man assembly
• No loose parts
• Very little material required
• Maintenance free and always ready for use
• Low weight of individual parts
• Tried and proven range of parts
• Economic and versatile design
• Multiple applications and capacities

More information about Layher and its German headquarters: